“Meet Parcha”

by Jennifer Davis Kravchuck

547 days…547 very long days is how long our beloved Parcha has been waiting for a good home.

Why so long, you ask? Something must be wrong with this dog. The truth is, nothing is wrong with Parcha except that she needed a little extra TLC and training when she first came to us. She was scared, anxious, under socialized, and shut down. She didn’t trust initially and was super reactive in her kennel.Parcha

Additionally, being in the shelter environment was difficult for Parcha, as it is for some dogs. Her fear and behavior didn’t make the best impression with potential adopters.

Friends of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (FCCAS), with input from the Shelter staff, identify dogs like Parcha who would benefit from a board and training program with local experts at Mircle K9.

With your generosity, FCCAS paid 100 percent of Parcha’s training. We are happy to report that she recently completed her intensive five-week program, passing with flying colors.

Parcha, like other dogs who complete this training, is now in foster-to-adopt programs to ensure a comfortable transition into her forever home. However, being in a foster home means that Parcha is not getting the same exposure to potential adopters as she would in the shelter.

Here’s a little more about Parcha:

  • Five-year-old Rottie/Boxer mix
  • Plays well with other dogs – male and female
  • Not a fan of cats
  • Prefers older children and a quieter house
  • Fully trained, housebroken, can be left unattended, and crate trained
  • Very friendly
  • Comfortable socializing in public
  • Takes correction well
  • An active dog who would make a great jogging or running companion
  • Comes with a one-year, complimentary follow-up with Mircle K9, where she completed her training

Parcha is so deserving of a great family. If you are looking for a dog who has waited a very long time for a good home, and would make a wonderful addition to your family, please contact us at foster@cuyahogacounty.us.

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