Behavior Modifications Programs

Supporting Dogs, Deputies, and Volunteers

Being in a shelter environment can be very stressful for some dogs. Having access to the right training can have a profound impact on the dog’s well-being and increase their chance of being adopted. With your donations, Friends of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (FCCAS) funds board and train stays for dogs who lack impulse control, confidence, focus, the ability to settle, or appropriate social skills. Once the training is complete, the dogs are placed in foster-to-adopt programs to ensure a comfortable transition into their forever home.

Partnering With Miracle Canine

We partner to provide resources to dogs that would otherwise not be available, such as sending dogs to board and receive intensive training at local kennels.

Supporting Deputy Dog Wardens

We have funded trips for Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS) deputy dog wardens to receive training for animal behavioral problems, giving the deputies new ways to improve dogs’ behavior and make them more adoptable—a direct benefit to the dogs at CCAS.

Supporting CCAS Unleashed Playgroups

We love to support this program that gives shelter dogs extra TLC and helps them learn how to socialize and interact with other dogs.

Case Study: Monkey

Meet Monkey, an 11 month old pitbull. He came to CCAS in May 2022 at 8 months old. Typically, a dog of his age gets adopted quickly, but Monkey is incredibly mouthy and jumpy. While he jumps and mouths, he is also vocal—making it sound like he is growling when in fact he is “talking.” In addition, Monkey has some pent-up resentment against the leash. He is “dog social,” but he is just a lot of dog. Given his young age, lack of training, and energy level, Monkey was a great candidate for our Board and Train program. Once his board and train is complete, he will go into a foster-to-adopt home.

Monkey’s trainer Bridget reported after week one:

“He is doing great. We needed the first week to refine our skills. Foundational obedience this week!”

Stay tuned for more updates.

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