Facility Enhancements

Enhancing Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS)

Friends of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (FCCAS) has been fortunate to respond to the needs of CCAS with enhancements and new equipment that improves the shelter experience for everyone—dogs, staff, and volunteers.

transfer doors

Transfer Doors

Through grant funding, we were able to provide transfer doors for the shelter. These doors, located in the walls between kennels, allow for easier transfer of the dogs, making it easier—and safer—for volunteers and deputies to move an animal that is scared or stressed and cannot be handled. They also allow for the team to instantly create a bigger space for a large dog. The installation of the doors, which was an enormous undertaking, significantly improved the quality of life for the dogs at the shelter.

“Transfer doors have hands down been the biggest game changer in the last nine years for the care of our dogs.” 

– Mindy Naticchioni

washer and dryer

Commercial Washer and Dryer

Dirty laundry is a serious health hazard for shelters: Blankets, towels, leashes, and other linens can be a breeding ground for disease. Before we provided CCAS with a new commercial washer and dryer, they had been going through three to four machines a year. These machines help the CCAS team keep up with laundry and maintain a clean, sanitary environment for shelter dogs.

privacy panels

Privacy Panels

Our most recent facility enhancement is the installation of privacy panels. These panels offer some added privacy and security for a dog who might be shy or overwhelmed, reducing their stress in the shelter environment.

play yard turf

Play Yard AstroTurf  

After the primary play yard at CCAS was turfed, FCCAS saw the difference and made it a goal to turf the three remaining play yards. Soon all of the play yards will be transformed with AstroTurf, a synthetic turf that not only looks beautiful but withstands the daily use by the dogs.