Modi Heartworm Fund

Helping Heartworm Positive Dogs and Their Families

When Anita Dash-Modi, MD, and her husband visited Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS) to adopt a dog, they learned that, at the time, shelter dogs with heartworm were undergoing a very long—and expensive—treatment that required them to stay in the shelter. This was deterring families from adopting heartworm-positive dogs. The Modis decided to change this and, with a generous donation, helped Friends of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (FCCAS) establish the Modi Heartworm Fund. The foster-based program pays for the entire life-saving heartworm treatment so the adopter does not have to. This also allows the dogs to recover at home without the stress of shelter living—and gives families the ability to adopt the dog they want without worrying about the cost of treatment.

These examples help illustrate the reach of your donation and its use to keep the dogs at CCAS healthy and happy as they receive treatment.


funds one regular Kong, one bag of dog treats, or two Martingale collars.


funds three pounds of canned tuna for dogs with skin and food allergies.


funds one Tug-n-Toss ball for playtime or one Gentle Leader collar.


funds one Easy Walk harness.


funds special food that helps senior dogs eat and sick dogs take their medicine.


funds a playpen for our puppies in foster care.


funds a large Kuranda bed, as seen in CCAS kennels.


funds a privacy panel for the front of a kennel, to help overwhelmed dogs cope with shelter life.

Meet Akela

Heartworm Success Story

When Akela came to CCAS, he was sick with heartworm disease, underweight, and very skittish. After some time and the hard work of the medical team, Akela was ready to be fostered while undergoing his heartworm treatment. His new family was grieving the loss of their shepherd mix when they took Akela in so they were ready to help another dog in need. Now that Akela has successfully completed treatment and is heartworm free, he is enjoying many treats and bones, lots of love, and a fenced-in wooded backyard to play. He is also in love with this family who decided to give him a permanent home.

“See, it’s true what they say about how the dog rescues you, too. Akela is helping our family heal. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to foster and adopt him.”

– Craig and Chastity Westwater

paw prints

Preventing Heartworm

Take Steps Now to Protect Your Pet

Did you know that heartworm is transmitted through an infected mosquito bite? Heartworm treatment is very expensive and can be a burden on families, but without it, their pet will not survive. The answer is to stop heartworm before it starts with preventative care. Fortunately, there is an easy and affordable way to do so: A pill taken just once a month can prevent heartworm. We advise all dog owners to talk to their veterinarian about available treatments—help your pet live a long and healthy life!